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Latest Version: 14.2.0

Datapro released for Innovate
DataPro now reads the Innovate Motorsports Modular Tuning System (MTS) data. Using devices such as the OT-1, LMA-3, LM-1, and LC-1, you can now read Wideband O2 data, analog data and OBD-II Parameters.
DataPro released for ELM 327
Edge Analysis releases its new ELM 327 compatible interface. Read OBD-II data from any vehicle using any ELM 327 based OBD-II scan tool. No need to have a different scan tool for different vehicle manufacturers.
DataPro released for EEPod
EEPod has joined EDGE Analysis growing list of OBD-II hardware suppliers with the McS1 J2534 vehicle interface.
DataPro released for DrewTech
Edge Analysis has just released a comprehensive data acquisition and post-processing product designed specifically for analysis of vehicle data collected directly from the OBD-II port using the CarDaq Plus and Mongoose J2534 interface tools.

DataPro OBD-II Diagnostic Software

Edge Analysis
Professional Grade OBD Diagnostics and Graphing

DataPro works with any J2534 or ELM based Scantool And now works with Innovate Motorsports Wide Band O2 and Data Loggers.

Works with any vehicle '96 or newer

  • Run diagnostic scans for trouble codes
  • Clear DTC's on your vehicle
  • Read freeze frame data
  • O2 sensor test
  • Log, analyze, and save performance data
  • View and compare data in interactive, real-time displays
  • Create easy-to-read interactive analysis graphs and reports at the click of a button
  • Overlay up to 3 runs of data simultaneously on the same graph for easy comparison
  • Apply Math Channels


This is the OBD-II Diagnostic software you have been looking for!

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Real-Time Displays - Sample GraphDataPro is the ONLY all-inclusive program to give you real-time data acquisition and real-time/post processing that is so easy to use. With DataPro, you no longer need to wait to perform time-consuming data exports to graphing or word-processing software (like Excel and Word) to create printable graphs and reports. DataPro’s interactive graph and analysis tools allow you to pinpoint a moment or period in testing and compare data to determine optimum performance parameters of your vehicle data. No other program is faster, more effective or easier to use.

EDGE has OBD-II Diagnostic Scantools to fit any budget!

OBD-II Diagnostic USB ScantoolOBD-II Diagnostic Scantool

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